What is beam | Types of beams | Application, Definition of beam

What is Beam:

Any large piece of timber or iron long in proportional to its thickness and prepared for use called beam. One of the principle horizontal timber of a building one of the transverse members of a ship’s frame on which the decks are laid supported at the sites by knees in wooden ships and staring. We will discuss types of beams in this article.

The horizontal structure member used to carry vertical road share load and horizontal load also known as beam, Beam is a major and important component of building structure, beam used in major construction like trusses, bridge etc.

Types of beam

Generally beams are divided into three types of beams

  • End support
  • Cross section
  • Geometry Beam
Types of beams | Application, Definition of beam

End support beam:

According to end support beam, There are five types of beams.

Simply supported beam:

The beam which are resting freely on as support its both end.

Fixed beam:

Which are fixed as its both ends are known as fixed beam, its commonly used in process or other structure.

Continuous beam:

Beam is similar to simply supported beam but more than two support are provided it is used in large concretes bridge (length of bridge is too much)

Overhanging beam:

Combination of simply supported beam and cantilever beam due to one or both ends of the beam is over hand this beam is called over hanging beam.

Cantilever beam:

One end of this beam is fixed and other end is free, this type of beam mostly used in trusses bridge and other structure.

Cross section:

Cross section beam are divided into two type.

I section beam:

Cross Section of this beam is I-section that’s why this beam known as I  beam.

T section beam:

Cross Section of this beam is T-section that’s why this beam known as T beam.

Geometry Beam:

According to geometry beam are divided into three type.

Straight Beam:

This beam is applied member with top continuously connected to bottom that transmit the load to ground floor.

Curved Beam:

Curved Beam is Neutral axis is a line. for example, Arches, Crane hooks, Frames of machines (Some machines), Chain links etc.

Tapper Beam:

Tapered Beam have a taper with a particular ratio, its other name are wedge beams or slant beams.

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