What Is Cover Block ? Type of Cover Block Uses at Site ?

A essentially spacer that is used to lift the steel bar mesh off the ground is called cover block. its used for In order to prevent corrosion of the rebar and that’s another reason. Cover block need to fully embedded in concrete. We will discuss cover block uses

What Is Cover Block

Types of cover block

There are various types of cover block that’s depend on her materials.

  • Stone cover block.
  • Wooden cover block.
  • Steel cover block.
  • Cement masonry cover block.
  • Aluminum cover block.

Cover block uses at site

Cover blocks use in various types of concrete structures, Like slab, column, beam etc. And there are many reason of using cover blocks.

What Is Cover Block
  • it’s use for protection of the steel reinforcement bars from environmental effects.
  • Cover block, Maintains a required distance between rebar and shuttering.
  • It’s Provide thermal insulation, which protects the reinforcement bars from fire.
  • We can proper compressed to concrete by using cover block, without cover block, steel bar can slip from her place.
  • it’s use for maintain distance of nominal and effective cover.

Different types of Cover block size

There here are many types of cover blocks, its size depend on the type of structure. We can understand of cover block size by a table.

Cover Block for slabs20 mm
Cover Block for staircase15 mm
Cover Block for water retaining structures20/30 mm
Cover Block for Retaining walls20/25 mm
Cover Block for flat slab20 mm
Cover Block for beams25 mm
Cover Block for column40 mm
Cover Block for strap beam35 mm
Cover Block for shear wall25 mm
Cover Block for raft foundation (bottom and side)50-80 mm

Cover block rates

Cover Block price is depend on her type, quality and size, it can make at home or buy readymade from shop. Maximum people buy readymade because it’s a cheap material, if you have a large uses then you can make it, at site.

you can buy online from Indiamart at very low price. its price start from 0.050 US Dollar to 5 US Dollar.

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