Difference between AAC blocks vs red bricks or Clay Bricks

AAC blocks vs red bricks
AAC block and red bricks

Hello Engineers, Today we will discuss Difference between AAC blocks vs red bricks or Clay Bricks. But before we should be know definition of ACC block and red bricks or clay bricks.

What is AAC block

Autoclaved aerated concrete” is the full form of AAC block, Its lightweight, precast building material. AAC blocks are cured in an autoclave machine under pressure and heat.

‘Autoclaved aerated concrete‘ is Composed of quartz sand, calcined gypsum, lime, cement, water and aluminum powder.

AAC block used for construction work, Like interior and exterior. Its easy to install, and can be cut different sizes as per requirement.

AAC blocks vs red bricks

Advantages of AAC block

  • AAC block maintained the heating and cooling of buildings.
  • Reduces cost of project for large building.
  • Faster masonry work will complete because its size larger.
  • AAC block is Environmentally friendly and its big difference of AAC blocks vs red bricks
  • AAC Blocks can be handled easily Due to less weight.
  • AAC Blocks is fire resistant.

AAC blocks disadvantages

  • AAC blocks need to be handled more carefully compared than clay bricks to avoid damage.
  • In the rainy season ensuring that AAC blocks should be dry during installation. And that’s very big disadvantage.
  • The brittle nature of the AAC blocks is good, but when we hammering for fitting any wall hanger or wood-suitable then blocks can be break.
  • AAC blocks are non load bearing material so its used for only partition wall.

What is red bricks or Clay Bricks

Red Bricks made from clay or sandy soil and its another name is clay bricks, red bricks is prepared by a wood or Metal frame and burnt in kilns. In high rise chimney plant also prepared red bricks. Red brick identified by color, it’s mostly have deep red ,Cherry or copper colour.

AAC blocks vs red bricks

Red bricks have uniform texture, And its free from stones and cracks. Red brick water absorption capacity is approx. 15 to 17% of its dry weight, When immersed in water for a day (24 hours) is allowed.

The popular size of red bricks are available in two sizes 230mm×115mm×75mm and 190mm × 90mm ×90mm, But standard size of red brick is 190mm × 90mm ×90mm.

Advantages of Red bricks

  • Low Maintenance of Red bricks camper to AAC blocks
  • Its can be make easily in home.
  • Red brick can be make in low cost if you blog to rural aria.

Disadvantages of Red bricks

  • Red Bricks is not an Eco Green Product.
  • Red bricks Made from natural soil, and prepared from wood, coals.
  • Red bricks is very heavy so its increase dead load of structure.
  • Water absorption is high of red bricks its absorb 20% water of his weight in 24 hours.
  • Mortar Consumption is very high compared to AAC blocks because its size is small.
  • Before and after using red bricks need to high curing.

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