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types of pavement 2

What is Pavement | Types of pavement | Rigid and flexible pavement

It is a type of hard surface which function is transmit load to the sub base. Basically, pavement divided in two types,...
What is fresh concrete | Properties of fresh concrete

What is fresh concrete | Properties of fresh concrete

Some important properties of fresh concrete are given below these properties only from limited time after settled concrete you can’t realize these...
types of aggregate

What is aggregate, Types of aggregate and uses

Aggregate is a type of stone it may be natural or artificial, which are use to make concrete. Aggregate is a Non-metallic...
Lightweight Concrete

Lightweight Concrete Types, Advantages and Disadvantage

What is Lightweight Concrete You can easily understand according to its name this is light in weight and density....
What is cement

What is cement made of, Type and Cement ingredients

What is Cement Cement is a powder which provide binding medium between fine & coarse aggregate. When it’s mixes...
types of concrete

What is concrete? Different Types of concrete

What is concrete made of Concrete is a paste mixture of Aggregate (coarse & fine), cement & Water which...