House Planning With Vastu Shastra: Aligning Your Home for Health, Happiness, and Prosperity

What Is Vastu and Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra, a traditional Hindu architectural system, aims to integrate harmony and balance into building design and layout. This ancient practice is believed to foster health, happiness, and prosperity by adhering to specific guidelines for positioning various elements like doors, windows, rooms, and furniture. Key principles include having the entrance facing east, positioning the kitchen in the southeast, and locating the master bedroom in the southwest corner. Though its efficacy lacks scientific proof, Vastu continues to be popular in India and is gaining global attention.

Optimizing Room Locations According to Vastu Shastra


The ideal bedroom location, as per Vastu, is the southwest corner of the house, signifying stability and peace. Avoid placing bedrooms adjacent to bathrooms to prevent health issues. The bedroom should be rectangular or square, with the bed positioned against the south or west wall.


Vastu recommends the southeast corner for the kitchen, correlating with the fire element essential for cooking. Kitchens should not be directly below or above prayer rooms or bathrooms to avoid health hazards.


Bathrooms are best located in the north or northwest, aligning with the air element, facilitating ventilation and waste disposal. Toilets should face north or south, and the bathroom must be well-ventilated.

Mandir / Pooja Room

The mandir or pooja room should be in the northeast corner, associated with the water element, symbolizing purity and clarity. It should be on the ground floor and face east or north.

Guest Room

The northwest direction is optimal for a guest room, representing air, movement, and communication. It should be on the ground or upper floor (but not the basement), well-lit and ventilated, and have the bed against the west or south wall.

Dining Room

Although not detailed in the provided data, generally, Vastu suggests placing the dining room in the west or east of the house for better digestion and family bonding.

Final Thoughts

Vastu Shastra’s principles provide a framework for creating harmonious living spaces. While its effectiveness remains a matter of personal belief, its principles of balance and alignment with natural elements offer a unique approach to home design and planning.

What Is Vastu and Vastu Shastra

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