What is aggregate, Types of aggregate and uses

Aggregate is a type of stone it may be natural or artificial, which are use to make concrete. Aggregate is a Non-metallic minerals which used for all types of construction for examples highway construction, all types of building construction, etc. We will discuss in this article about types of aggregate.

Aggregate is use to provide strength, stability, elastic & thermal properties. The most important reason is cost its more economical than other materials which are replace it. The mass volume of it in concrete is about to 65 to 80 %.

Types of aggregate

There are two types of Aggregate.

Coarse Aggregate

Coarse aggregates are that are greater than 4.75mm in size. Mostly we use between 9.5mm and 37.5mm in diameter. This is the real identification of coarse aggregates. In other words, Crushed stone which are not passed out from No. 4 sieve are known as Coarse Aggregate and it’s size bigger than 4.75mm

types of aggregate

Fine Aggregate

And which are pass out from No. 4 sieve but it didn’t passed from No. 200 sieve are known as Fine Aggregate it is smaller than 4.75mm.

Grade of aggregate

There are three type of Grade

  • Single Size Graded
  • Poorly Size Graded
  • Well Size Graded

Sieve Size for Grading of Aggregates

Coarse Aggregates: For Coarse Aggregates have different types of sieve like  80 mm, 40 mm, 20 mm, 10 mm, IS Nos. 480

Fine Aggregates: For Fine Aggregates have different types of sieve IS No. 480, 240, 120, 60, 30 and 15.

Uses of aggregate

  • Aggregate is use to make a concrete in which Coarse Aggregate use to provide strength, stability, mass & Fine Aggregate are use to filled blank space between coarse aggregate and help to make strong bond. Fine Aggregate are also used for finishing surface of structure.
  • Aggregate is use in road construction for provide stability and mass. In this type construction mostly use of coarse and fine both aggregate.
  • Its also use for railway projects.

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